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What You Won't Do... She Will...

Alright my dolls. Listen up and listen well. It is time to stop saying what you won't do in the bedroom for your man, and then complaining when it seems that he has just stopped asking and decided to let you have your way. Now we like to call these NASTY women who are very well sexually liberated a THOT. (THAT HOE OVER THERE) Wives and girlfriends are way too busy talking about how they would NEVER even consider doing what "those chicks" do. I guess that's all fine and dandy if you don't mind dealing with a sexually aggravated husband, fiance, or boyfriend. Listen, while you're wasting time and energy on worrying about what that chick's doing in the bedroom, you should be getting in her head and picking her brain on the "tricks" of the trade. Please trust and believe that ANY man can appreciate his wife getting down and dirty to sexually satisfy him. Contrary to how taboo this still is to some people. There is nothing wrong with a good old fashioned "HEAD DOCTOR." And if you do it right, he just may have a happy ending. (if you know what i mean)

If you feel that could be a little to much for starters, try watching some soft core porn with your Mr. He will be surprised, yet turned on by the gesture. If you're lucky, you may just learn something new and sexy.

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