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3 Mistakes Made by Makeup Newbies To Avoid At All Costs!!!!

I was inspired to write this post based on certain makeup faux pas I made in the past. For instance, I used to think that mascara made my lashes look too fake, so refused to wear it on the average day. I would leave my house wearing peach colored eyeshadow (or whatever color I pleased)….with undefined, bare, eyeshadow-powder-dusted lashes*gasp*…and mascara was reserved mostly for special occasions (cue jeers from the audience). Now I look back and think, “what kind of silliness was that!?” Lol!

So I’m writing this post in hopes that makeup newbies (or people who just don’t know better) will take a cue from some of my past missteps and NOT follow suit. HERE ARE 3 MAKEUP BLUNDERS TO AVOID……

1. Wearing Eyeshadow Without Mascara!

If you’re going to wear eyeshadow, you MUST wear mascara….especially if you’re going to be wearing a bright colored or frosty shadow! There’s nothing wrong with wearing neon yellow, hot pink or fluorescent beige (Precious reference ), but you best believe the look will quickly go wrong if you fail to define and balance it out with mascara. If you don’t, it may leave you looking clownish.

Even if your eyeshadow is a neutral color like brown or cream or something that matches your skin tone, it’s still necessary to DEFINE your eyes with mascara. Not doing so when wearing these shades may leave you with a washed out appearance.

p.s. There are other ways to define, such as using an eyeliner or placing a darker color in the crease…but none of that matters if you don’t frame your eyes with mascara!

2. Wearing a Dramatic/Smokey Eye Without Foundation!

It is imperative to wear foundation when rocking a dramatic or smokey eye look. If your eyes are super dramatic, dark, or colorful and your face is bare….your makeup looksincomplete. The exception is if you have super flawless skin that doesn’t require any touch-ups whatsoever…but most of us don’t. So for the general population, it’s important to wear some kind of base to even out your complexion, so your dramatic eye makeup can fairly stand out (in a good way)!

3. Wearing a Bold/Bright Colored Lipstick Without Foundation!

In the same vein, if you are going to wow the crowd with a bold or bright colored lipsticksuch as a chocolate brown or fiery hot red or fuschia, you must wear foundation! Or, as I stated before, some kind of base to create flawless-looking skin (some of us may only need a bit of concealer and some powder to do the trick).

Ever wonder why you look like your crazy old grand aunt when you try on certain bold colors that others seem to be able to rock with no problem? One reason may be that you’re not wearing the right shade…but chances are it’s because it’s out of CONTEXT! Usually when you go browsing the cosmetics counters, you don’t go in with full-on, glammed out makeup….so it looks odd to just see this random bold color out of nowhere, while everything else on your face is…well, plain or unfinished. I can’t stress enough how much starting out with a clean, polished canvas can do to improve your OVERALL makeup loo Colored Lipstick With Nothing on the Eyes!

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