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Only In The Kitchen???

So, you're all thinking that I am about to talk about perhaps what I'm serving the mister for dinner this evening. You all are somewhat on the right page. Yes. I

will be talking about a very special ingredient. This ingredient tends to make a lot of magic and appeal, but it is NOT always used in only the kitchen. Still a little confused??? Well, sit back, relax and grab your beverage of choice. (I really love the new Tabu Moscato) Anyway. Let's Go...


Massages help to stimulate the release of the feel good hormones that boost feelings of intimacy and affection. Indulging in a romantic couples massage will definitely heat up the bedroom afterwards and help couples reconnect intimately!

​Benefits of Couples massages

1) Increase feelings of affection- touching increases Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Dopamine (also known as cuddle-chemical), which help to boost feelings of intimacy and affection.

​2) Encourage bonding- couples who inject

novelty into their relationships have more

rewarding bonds. From playful moments

and therapeutic touching, the experience is most


​3) Help couples reconnect- Many times couples

have little time to spend alone without the worry

of things they must do, but during a massage

session, people are almost instinctually driven to

let go of the past and future and turn their attention

to the present moment. By being fully engaged in

this activity together, couples are able to reconnect

with little effort.

​ALWAYS make time to strengthen your relationship by continuing to date your spouse or significant other. Being in such an intimate setting will definitely help to rekindle the spark in your relationship!

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