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Metro Atlanta Community Celebrates 100th Birthday Of Tuskegee Airmen Nurse

The socially distanced gathering celebrated the life and work of Second Lt. Irma Cameron Dryden.

According to reporting from Let's Talk Atlanta , Dryden made a grand entrance and was greeted by numerous well wishers.

Dryden was a nurse in the military in 1943. Her then-husband was one of the Tuskegee airmen.

"She has had a monumental impact on people and not even know that she did," a spokesperson for the National Association of Black Military Women Atlanta Chapter told LTA.

Dryden graduated from Harlem Hospital School of Nursing and left the service as a second lieutenant in 1944. 

Those who gathered to celebrate her birthday brought signs, flowers, balloons and played music from the lawn of her Marietta home According to a People article, Dryden is the only living Tuskegee Airmen nurse.

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